Credit Crisis

A Repeated & Timeless Chronology

  • Global banking, credit worthiness, & lending confidence has decreased.
  • Risk tolerance is being reassessed.
  • The asymmetrically intertwined, multi-layered global financial system contains submerged components & devolving institutions.
  • Opportunities exist for risk-takers who have patience, good timing, & good luck. These institutions and their owners will become wealthy.
  • A new credit crisis is forming because unworthy borrowers around the world are failing to meet their financial commitments. Fear, more then central bankers, is controlling interest rate markets. International central bankers are adding fuel, that is, printing money. International wealth funds have bought significant portions of the jewels of finance. In order to increase valuations, money is being lent to many unworthy borrowers who will default.
  • This credit crisis will end as they always end. Only the timing and duration will vary.

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