Options — Trading Points

Option-related Points

1. I have traded in options. Generally & overall I: Lost a lot of money; Lost some money; About broke even; Made some money; Made a lot of money; I don’t want to talk about it!

2. My option trading includes: Calls, Puts, Both; Combination spreads & other option mechanisms.

3. I sometimes, or have in the past, sold covered calls. Agree or Disagree?

4. I believe that if I can successful in the options market, I can be successful in other markets, including the commodities and stock markets. Agree or Disagree? Of course & this is a stupid question.

5. I use options to boost my long-term stock and/or commodity investments but: I have tried but it didn’t work out; I have & it worked well; I don’t understand options.

6. I trade commodities, including: Grains, Metals, Energy, Currencies, Soft, I don’t understand commodities.

7. I do my gambling in Las Vegas or other gambling and resort centers — not in the financial markets. Agree or Disagree? I don’t gamble on financials or in games.

8. I invest primarily in real estate. Agree or Disagree? I stay away from financial markets of all types.

9. How do you rate your understanding of options concepts? Please use the Options Understanding scale. Please select using the scale: 1 = I have a solid understanding & 5 = Oh no… I lose money!

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